Free Download of ‘The Energetic Heart’ – Valid 9/18-9/20

energyheartbookcover2The  Kindle edition of The Energetic Heart is yours for FREE at from 9/18-9/20.

The Energetic Heart is a fascinating account of a dimension-breaking experiment with a 20,000 year-old painted stone heart utilizing photographic techniques that detect, measure and document the interaction between photons and any present energy fields.

Striking energy images embody ancient spiritual concepts, directly verified by the theory of quantum entanglement. The stone heart artifact was found in the Ravne Tunnels of the Bosnian Pyramids, Viskoko, Bosnia in 2013.

Judith Mann and Julia Lincoln successfully rend the veil of habitual perceptions through their continuing experiments, recognizing stones as sentient beings who invite us to connect with them. Twenty-six vibrant color energy photos are shared in The Energetic Heart.

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