Your Discount for The Albigensian Crusade & The Inquisition Valid 12/30/13-1/6/14


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inquisition2 ’Medieval Gnostics:The Albigensian Crusade & The Inquisition ‘*  is available for you discounted 12/30/13-1/6/14 at

What Was The Impact Of The Albigensian Crusade And Inquisition On Gnosticism?
–Discover the players involved in this great struggle between the Roman Catholic Church and the followers of Gnosticism.
–Learn what role the Siege of Montsegur played in the shocking destruction of Western Gnosticism.
–Uncover the secrets of why the infamous Inquisition was initiated by the Roman Catholic Church.
–By this easy-to-read book, discover the hidden story of the demise of Gnosticism and the start of the Inquisition’s reign of fear.

P.S. Explore the 10 other intriguing titles in the Medieval Gnostics series by Judith Mann.
*Excerpted from the paperback edition of The Trail of Gnosis‘.


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