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A Free download of ‘Medieval Gnostics: The Mandaeans’ & The Massaliansmandaean*eBook at http://amzn.com/dp/B00B770EEC is yours. Valid 7/19-21.

Who Are The Mandaeans? Who Were The Massilians? Why Do They Matter?
–Learn of the profound but virtually forgotten histories of the Mandaeans and the Massilians, Gnostics of Asia Minor in this brief, easy to follow ebook.
–Unearth the ancient Egyptian roots of Mandaean beliefs and cosmology.
–Understand the Mandean link to John the Baptist and the key sacrament of baptism in moving waters, still practiced to this day.
–Discover why the Massilians, ‘the people who pray’ were condemned as as the greatest heretical threat to the Orthodox Church.

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*Excerpted from the paperback edition of The Trail of Gnosis‘.