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catharritualsA free Kindle Download of Medieval Gnostics: Cathar Rituals* is yours from May 22-May 23 at http://www.amzn.com/dp/B00BJU0PCI.

What Was The Importance of Rituals to the Cathars?
–Learn of the exceedingly simple but profound ceremonies that comprised the foundation of Catharism.
–Discover the role of the Consolamentum, the imposition of hands in Cathar initiation ceremonies and the final ceremony of a Cathar’s life.
–Bring to light the secret of the Endura, a willed end of life to close the cycle of reincarnation and imprisonment in the material world.–Follow the Cathar version of The Lord’s Prayer with its subtle substitute for the word ‘bread’.

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*Excerpted from the paperback version of The Trail of Gnosis.