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catharvilles2A free download of Medieval Gnostics: Cathar Villes & Castles * is yours May 24-May 27 at http://www.amzn.com/dp/B00BLVKDD6.

–What Was the Fate of Cathar Towns and Castles During the Albigensian Crusade?
–Learn of the tragic end of Carcassonne’s defender, Raymond-Roger Trencavel in dungeons under the city walls and the banishment of his Cathar followers.
–Understand the connection between the Cathar chateau of Puivert, and the Troubador Court of Love.
–Discover the hidden hill of Sainte Juliane with its mysterious open marble crypts and burned ki-engraved stones of a ruined church tower.
–Evoke the scene of 145 Cathars of Minerve who walked singing into the darting flames of a high pyre rather than convert.

P.S. There are 10 other intriguing titles in the Kindle ‘Medieval Gnostics’ series to explore!

*Excerpted from the paperback version of ‘The Trail of Gnosis.