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paulician4 A free download of Medieval Gnostics: The Paulicians* is yours March 8 through March 10 at http://www.amzn.com/dp/B00B6XNS18.

Medieval Gnostics: The Paulicians is a lucid investigation of the profound but virtually forgotten story of the Paulicians, Medieval Gnostics of Asia Minor and Bulgaria in the short, easy-to-follow format.
–Explore the tenets of ‘The Key of Truth’, the Paulician ‘bible’ unearthed in 1898 in Armenia.
–Discover the hidden Gnostic traditions that they successfully passed on to the Bogomil of Bulgaria and Bosnia, who in turn bequeathed their secret rituals and sacred books to the Cathars of Southern France.
P.S. There are 8 other intriguing titles in the Kindle ‘Medieval Gnostics’ series to explore!

*Excerpted from the paperback version of ‘The Trail of Gnosis‘.